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Jai Karunamayi!

Special 4 Part Video Series




– Part 1 –

Parts 2, 3 & 4 coming very soon
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An Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Receive Amma’s Divine Blessing to Live a Happier, Healthier & More Meaningful Life During the Highly Auspicious Guru Purnima 3 Day Retreat


Join Amma for this special one-time event and allow the Grace that flows through Her to remove the sorrows, pains and troubles of the day-to-day mundane life and fill your heart with the bliss of spiritual consciousness.

Attending the 2014 Guru Purnima Retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity that helps you progress swiftly on your spiritual journey.  Without the need to resort to austere practices, strenuous pilgrimages, nor any other hardships, Amma graciously and compassionately reveals the path to Liberation during Guru Purnima in the ways that are most appropriate to each individual.

This rare occasion offers the opportunity to be in Amma’s Divine Presence and…


Receive Initiation (Diksha) into the Secret Teachings of the Ancient Chakra Cleansing Technique Directly from Amma Herself


Directly Experience the Deep Purification and Healing of Shaktipat – Amma’s Divine Transmission of Spiritual Energy


Receive the Merit/Good Karma of Thousands of Lifetimes by attending this very special Guru Purnima Retreat in Amma’s Divine Effulgence

Guru Purnima is a day like no other, where the Supreme Divinity is honored & worshiped in the form of the Guru. Here is what one devotee among thousands have to say:

Amma has removed the pain in my heart that has been there for literally years. She has shown me that compassion, gratitude, and peace are irreplaceable qualities in one’s life that not only enriches my relationships at home and with friends, but at work and in the world around me. I am forever Grateful. Making this a priority in my life is the best thing I ever did. I highly recommend receiving Amma’s Blessings- it will change you FOREVER!

The Grace of the Guru has the power to completely alter the course of our lives and wash away the tears of suffering that we are all inevitably bound to experience, so long as our spiritual path is not illuminated by Grace.  Since ancient times, spiritual seekers have sought out the wisdom and compassion of the great Mahatmas on Guru Purnima to help guide them on their inner journey towards the Light.  In our own generation, which is filled with the darkness of materialism, Amma Herself offers us the same sublime wisdom, affection and techniques that sages since time immemorial have used to empower humanity to reach the goal of human life – Liberation.


 In so much as this occasion is rare & limited, so are the Spaces Available!


Discounted Early Bird Registration Ends July 1st








Don’t hesitate to Register Today, to ensure the Blessings of a Lifetime!

Or Register by emailing or faxing this form:

Guru Purnima Retreat Registration Form.pdf

More Details:

Additional Hotel Room Nights

Hotel room nights included in the complete 3 day packages are for Thursday, July 10, Friday, July 11 and Saturday, July 12 only.
Additional room nights for Wednesday, July 9 and Sunday, July 13 are available at a discounted rate.
  • To book additional room nights for Wednesday, July 9 at the discounted rate of $99 (plus tax – Total $116.85) per night, please click here.
  • To book additional room nights for Sunday, July 13 at the discounted rate of $99 (plus tax – Total $116.85) per night, please click here.
Please do not contact the hotel regarding reservations.  All reservations are to be made via the above online links or the downloadable retreat form.

To Register for ONLY One Day Sessions click here

1) Guru Purnima Retreat (One Day – Friday, July 11)
2) Guru Purnima Retreat (One Day – Saturday, July 12)
3) Guru Purnima Retreat (Half Day – Sunday, July 13)


Please note:

  1. Prices will increase after July 1st!
  2. Children under 17 years old need special permission to attend the retreat.
  3. Amma does not grant personal interviews during meditation retreats.
  4. Space is limited at the retreat, so please register early.




Retreat Schedule

  • Retreat registration will begin on Friday, July 11 at 8:00 a.m.
  • The schedule will include orientation, lunch, meditation and shaktipath until 6:00 p.m.
  • The retreat will resume on Saturday, July 12 with meditation beginning at 8:00 a.m.
  • The rest of the day will include periods of meditation, meals, shaktipath and Amma’s divine discourses until 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday’s retreat will begin with meditation at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 12 noon followed by lunch.
  • The Guru Purnima Celebration will begin at 4:00 p.m.

Note: Times are subject to change. 

Please do not contact the hotel regarding reservations.  All reservations are to be made via the online links or the downloadable retreat form.


Area Airports:

1) Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

Distance: 10.0 mile(s) SE to Hotel


2) Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Distance: 17 mile(s) S to Hotel
Airport Shuttle Service
A courtesy airport shuttle service organized specifically for the hotel guests of our retreat group will be available to / from DFW International Airport on the primary arrival (Thursday, July 10) and departure (Monday, July 14) dates.
For arrivals on Thursday, July 10, the shuttle service pickup times will be 11am12pm1pm2pm3pm and 4pm. You are requested to call the Crowne Plaza hotel at 214-742-5678 once you arrive at the airport.  Ask to be transferred to the ‘SMVA Trust’ group driver located at DFW airport. Once connected to the driver, please let him know what airline you flew on and the terminal you are located at. Then proceed to the lowest level of the airport to the ‘Hotel Pick Up/ Drop Off’ area. Please look out for the white shuttle passenger van with maroon lettering ‘Crowne Plaza Downtown Dallas’. Note: There are five terminals at the airport, so please be patient as the driver makes his way around the airport for pickup. In order to expedite pickup, we request that you email us at with your flight manifest information. Please put ‘Guru Purnima Airport Pickup’ in the subject line.

If you are arriving at DFW International Airport at times other than those within the above shuttle service or if you are arriving at Love Field Airport, please email us at as soon as possible with your flight manifest information so that we can make alternative arrangements for your airport pickup. Please put ‘Guru Purnima Airport Pickup’ in the subject line

For departures on Monday, July 14, a sign up sheet will be made available at the information desk during the event. Please be sure you sign up at your earliest convenience, as the cutoff time for sign up will be 1pm on Sunday July 13.
Taxi Service: $45 one way fare



On-site parking fee: Complimentary for hotel guests & $14 daily for non-hotel guests


Other Transportation

SuperShuttle (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transport) – West End Station Distance: 0.01 MI/0.02 KM SOUTH to Hotel Bus Station

Greyhound – Distance: 0.2 mile(s) NE Train Station

AMTRAK / Dallas Station – Distance: 0.5 miles(s) NE

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For even more details visit the main guru purnima page here.

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