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To connect with other devotees for the purpose of sharing car rides or traveling together to programs and retreats or sharing accommodations at these programs we suggest that you join the Sri Karunamayi yahoo group. To join this group, please see information below:

How to join this email group:

In case any of you have not got the invitation to join, please go to the following link and click on “JOIN THIS GROUP” button on the webpage:


You can send an email to the following address:

(The yahoo group will then ask for your confirmation before adding you to this group.)

How to post a message:

Once you are a member of this email group, you can post a message if you want, using the following email address.

For posting a message email to the following address:

*Note: The group is moderated to protect against spam and also to ensure that all posts are in harmony with Amma’s teachings on honesty, respect, and kind speech.

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