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  • Prayer Request For Blessing

  • Amma considers all of creation as her family and all beings as her very own children. As our compassionate mother, Amma wants to tune in directly to the specific needs and requests of her children. Amma will personally bless your request and concern and will send distance blessings.

    • Please note: Only one virtual blessing per person for is allowed for 2020.
    • Your prayer request is a sacred trust and is kept confidential.
    • Prasadam will not be sent in response to your prayer request for blessing.
    • An email confirmation will be sent to you on receipt of your prayer request for blessing.
  • Your full address in not needed. Just fill in your City, State, and Country only.
    Example: Austin, TX, United States

  • Please keep your blessing request/concern brief and concise.

  • IMPORTANT: Please upload an individual passport portrait size photo of yourself to accompany your blessing request. This photo will be submitted to Amma with your blessing request.

    Do not include other people in your photo. If your photo is animated in nature (facial expressions), or if your face is not visible due to poor lighting in the photo, then your blessing will not be submitted.

    (See example below)

    Application Photo Example

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