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Let your heart constantly overflow with waves of compassion. Give your love to those who are alone or in a helpless state.
Learn to give what we have and learn to look within.
Selfless service purifies our mind and life.
We have to do our part by giving service to the world, and one way this happens is through the peaceful vibrations that issue from our hearts.
You must have a heart filled with self-sacrifice. You must have the feeling that you have come to this world for the pure work of meditation and selfless service.
If you have selflessness, then all of the divine attributes reside in your heart garden: peace of mind, calmness, pure devotion and real enjoyment of the experience of truth.
Why is there this agony in our lives? Why are we so unhappy? Why is there this emptiness? The truth is that all this suffering is caused by selfishness.
There is so much need in this world. Always your hands must be a help to others and serve others. Be like a servant to everyone in the world.
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