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There are countless paths and beliefs, but all these innumerable paths lead to only one ultimate goal—supreme spiritual consciousness.
Discrimination, dispassion, meditation, aspiration, self-restraint, serenity, insight, intuition, happiness & Samadhi are the hallmarks of the spiritual path.
Realize the Truth of life.  Blame none, search within yourself, realize Truth.
You are boundless, you are infinite, you are immortal! Your Self is absolute oneness. Your Self is supreme consciousness—this is the final lesson.
The foolish indulge in meaningless arguments. Intellectuals engage in gentle conversations. Great sages, however, dwell in silence and tranquility.
Life on this Earth teaches everyone many lessons. The wise ones take these lessons to heart and experience inner awakening.
Always speak kind, hopeful and comforting words, because our words, prayers and thoughts have the power to travel everywhere in the world and touch the hearts of people.
The one who gives up the sense of “I” will experience the blissful consciousness within; such a person will forget the world in the madness of divine love.

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