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When we have absolute silence inside, no external force will ever be able to affect us, because we will be surrounded by the spiritual power of our meditation.
Children, be tranquil.  Be silent.  Silence is the key for enlightenment.
Meditation is the surest path to the attainment of supreme bliss. 
Meditation is the highest ananda, for it brings eternal happiness and bliss. It fills us with love of Nature, cosmic love, wisdom and all the divine attributes.
What does meditation do? It annihilates the dreadful disease of egoism within us.
Materialism fills us with raga and dwesa, attachment and revulsion. These need to be controlled through meditation if we are to have peace in our lives.
Purify your mind, your intellect, and each and every cell of your body with deep meditation.
Meditation performed with a sacred mantra will purify the energy around us and will penetrate space throughout the entire cosmos.  Your pure meditation has the power to break the chains of old latent tendencies, or samskaras.

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