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Where there is selfishness, love will not manifest, and where there is love, there is no room for selfishness.
First Love our Mother Earth.  If you do the most good to the needy you are the most beloved of God.

Love for mundane life is the cause of lifetimes of bondage.  Life in Atman or spirituality is immortality.

Knowledge of the Self, compassion, equanimity, pure devotion, inner faith, and complete divine love—these are the qualities that illuminate the heart.
Words spoken with love are as fragrant as the most beautiful flowers.
At times, some people may misunderstand or reject you. Give such people only your affection and love.
We must cultivate love and affection for the entire universe.
For the sun of knowledge to dawn, one must have love for all of Creation and fill the heart with the divine virtue of self-sacrifice.

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