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Guide to Saraswati Diksha Initiation 

~ For students ages 4-24 ~

To bless and inspire students, Amma offers initiation, or diksha, into the most sacred and auspicious Sri Saraswati Mantra. Initiation will be offered to students between 4 and 24 years of age on the Individual Blessing days during the tour. Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning, the Arts, and Wisdom.

Diksha is a sacred process through which the divine energy of the mantra is transmitted to the student along with extra special blessings. Amma will inscribe the sacred letters of Sri Saraswati Mantra on the tongues of the students, using a stem from the sacred tulsi plant that has been dipped in honey. Since time immemorial, this method of inscribing Sri Saraswati Mantra has been used to convey the blessings of Sri Saraswati Devi to students.

The tulsi plant, which is the embodiment of purity, signifies that the student’s words must become absolutely pure and true, and the sweet honey signifies that the student’s words and thoughts must always contain the sweetness of kindness and compassion. Thus, the precious Sri Saraswati Mantra blesses students with sweet and pure words, thoughts and actions.

Sri Saraswati Mantra diksha bestows abundant blessings on a student, such that their mind will blossom with the great qualities of concentration, creativity, discrimination and attention.  Through the power of Sri Saraswati Mantra, students’ study habits and academic performance will improve. In addition to these intellectual enhancements, Sri Saraswati Mantra also enables students to have right understanding of how to use knowledge for spiritual development and service to society.

Guidelines for Receiving Sri Saraswati Bija Mantra Diksha

Available to students ages 4-24.

Students must have fully bathed or showered, including washing the head and hair, prior to coming to the program. Students must be wearing modest white attire.

Before receiving diksha (initiation), it is necessary to register at the bookstore at Amma’s programs. There is a nominal donation fee of $41 per student to receive diksha.  It is not necessary to pre-register; simply bring the form below with you to Amma’s bookstore or fill out the form when you are at the program. This sponsorship helps to support Amma’s Tribal School children and the purchase of notebooks for students.

Please note: This diksha/initiation is given only once in a student’s life.

Saraswati Diksha Registration Form

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