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Amma's 2013 Message in Honor of International Peace Day

September 1, 2013

Embodiment of Divine Souls, Amma’s most beloved sweet children,

What is our life’s greatest aspiration? Let peaceful living and harmony with others be our upmost calling in life. Peace is our greatest treasure, and it is our natural state of being. Let our firm commitment to peace guide us through all of life’s challenges and never waver under any circumstances. Let peace pervade all aspects of our life. Our peace is the greatest gift we can share with our children, our family, our community and our world.

On Saturday, September 21st, people all over of the world will share this gift by participating in the United Nations’ International Day of Peace and by pausing at 12 Noon for a Minute of Silence for the sake of world peace.

We will be in India at that time, and in each of our free tribal schools, students and teachers will light a lamp at 12 o’clock and observe a moment of silence meditation for world peace.

Beloved children, wherever you may be, in India, United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, Canada, Germany, South America, anywhere in our world home, make an effort to join Amma as we honor this special day of healing and peace.

Dear children, carry the lamp of peace in your heart always. Let every day be Peace Day.

I love you all so much!

Yours Always,

Amma Sri Karunamayi

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