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Amma's 2014 Message in Honor of International Peace Day

Sept 21, 2014


Embodiment of divine souls, Amma’s most beloved sweet children,


We all have so many objectives and plans in our life. Different career goals, external aspirations—it’s good, we have to have a destination in our life. But children, we must not miss sight of our inner aim of peace. Whatever happens in life we have to accept with a peaceful heart. This is the key to receiving our birthright of inner peace.

This Sunday, September 21st, people all over our world will unite in spirit and honour the International Day of Peace by pausing at 12 noon for a minute of silence.

We will be in India at that time, and we will be lighting a lamp at 12 o’clock and observing a moment of silence for world peace.

Beloved children, wherever you may be, whatever circumstances you are facing, make an effort to join our world home for this moment of silence. You have the right to peace, our girls have the right to peace, our women have the right to peace, all of creation has the right to peace, and it begins with our own peace.

I love you all like anything, dear children. Always hold peace in your heart.


Ever Yours,

Amma Sri Karunamayi

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