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About Us

Sri Karunamayi is a spiritual teacher & humanitarian who has dedicated her life to the service of all of humanity. In her nealy 20 years travelling the world, she has inspired and served people of all cultures, religions and backgrounds with her sublime wisdom and motherly compassion.   Through her prayers, meditations, ceremonies, literary and musical works Amma has illuminated the love that dwells inside the heart of every living being to express with greater fullness.

We, as Amma’s devoted followers, humbly share Her message of Global Unity, Sustainable Development, Social Justice and Spiritual Insight.   Comprised of thousands of individuals around the globe we share One Heart and are united by the guiding principles of our most beloved Amma, our Divine Mother, who shows us the path to truth, love and the unfoldment of our highest potential as illuminated spiritual beings.


What began as Amma’s initiative to help relieve the suffering of humanity quickly grew into a worldwide organization committed to helping people realize their full potential.

From our charitable works which provide free education, housings, medical care & social services, to facilitating Amma’s world tours to bring Her inspirational message of Unity to one and all, we selflessly offer our Hearts and Hands to all those in need.


Inspired by Amma’s visionary message of Unity through service, love, meditation and spiritual awareness we strive towards empowering all of humanity to live with greater equality, tolerance, compassion & peace.

By fostering inter-faith dialogues, creative collaborations with other humanitarian organizations & bridging the gap between science and spirituality we continue to find solutions that both eradicate poverty, as well as heal the human heart and unlock the spiritual potential of all whose lives we touch.

It is everyone’s responsibility to wipe the tears of those who suffer.

– Amma

Our Guiding Principles

~ Irrespective of culture, religion or social status we are all members of One Universal Family.

~ Non-violence, through thought, speech & action, is the only way to permanent, positive changes in the world.

~ The goal of human life is complete spiritual freedom which encompasses the unfoldment of wisdom and compassion.

~ The greatest service you can offer the world is to free yourself from the bondage of egoism.

~ Serving others selflessly is truly serving God.

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Join Our Mailing List

Receive messages from Amma, information on upcoming events, and much more

Your details will never be shared with a third party