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Many ages ago, the Vedic sages of India meditated for centuries together to discover the secrets hidden within the universe. After investigating the mysteries of all the elements, those pure-hearted sages were graced by Mother Nature with the full knowledge of how to energize special substances through homa fire ceremonies and pujas. All Guru Purnima prasadam items will be energized and blessed through the most auspicious worship of Amma’s divine lotus feet.


$54 - Silver Sri Yantra with Padukas Pendant

The Sri Yantra in any form attracts abundant cosmic energy and channels it into the one who sees or touches it. The guru padukas (sandals) signify the complete grace and blessings of the guru. Silver is a very pure and auspicious metal that attracts and retains divine energy vibrations. As silver attracts the beneficial energies of the moon, it provides a purifying, soothing and nectarean energy to the mind, bringing one to a state of calm, yet alert, serenity.


$108 - Yellow Jade Mala

The color yellow is associated with the manipura chakra and the planet Jupiter. Using or wearing a yellow jade mala gives healing and purification to the manipura chakra, which governs digestion and also provides us with a sense of inner strength and strong determination. Yellow jade gives us a positive connection with Jupiter, who rules over one’s honor and success in life. The blessings of Jupiter include optimism, cheerfulness, and a strong, harmonious connection with one’s children and one’s guru.


$216 - Yellow Jade Sri Chakra

The Sri Chakra contains the full and complete energy of Divine Mother, and yellow jade is associated with the planet Jupiter. Sri Chakras constantly attract and radiate the most auspicious energy vibrations from the cosmos. The vibration of yellow jade attracts the abundant blessings of Jupiter, who grants optimism, cheerfulness, and success in life.  A positive connection with Jupiter is very important for a good education, for smooth relationships with one’s children, and for a positive, harmonious connection with one’s guru.


$1008 - Green Jade Siva Linga (~4 in.)

As the symbolic form of Lord Siva, the Siva Linga represents the highest conception of Divinity in its aspect of perfect oneness. The beautiful color of green jade (marakata) is strongly associated with the heart chakra. Thus, worshipping a green jade Siva Linga helps to calm, soothe, and balance the heart energies. Green jade promotes a calm, balanced state of mind and enhances meditation through the elimination of anxiety and unnecessary thoughts. Every kind of physical, emotional, or spiritual ailment can be healed through the worship of the green jade Siva Linga.

$5000 - Amma's Silver Padukas

It is said that the full and complete grace of the guru flows through the guru’s lotus feet. During the Sri Pada Puja, five pairs of silver padukas (sandals) will be placed beneath Amma’s lotus feet in the course of the puja. As silver is a very pure and auspicious metal, the padukas will become highly charged with Amma’s divine energy during the puja. This is a very rare opportunity to receive prasadam blessed by the direct and complete touch of Amma’s divine lotus feet. Please see below for a picture from last year's Sri Pada Puja, showing the padukas during milk abhishekam to Amma's lotus feet.

$10,000 - Green Aventurine Ganesha (~12 in.)

Sri Ganesha is a very special form of the Divine who removes all obstacles and clears the way for a smooth and successful spiritual life. The gentle vibration of green aventurine helps to calm, soothe, and balance the heart energies. When worshipped in the auspicious green color, Sri Ganesha takes care of all one’s debts, grants every kind of external and internal wealth, and removes all depression and fear. Sri Ganesha fulfills our noble wishes, grants us a long life, and ultimately bestows the highest state of liberation—moksha. Larger murtis are capable of carrying more powerful spiritual vibrations.

"Let us bow down in front of all the gurus from all the faiths. Having a guru in one's life is a supreme blessing. The guru is beyond everything. Through the guru's grace, you will intuit what to do and what not to do, you will experience the light of lights, and you will have the true experience of God." ~ Amma



Silver Sri Yantra Pendant



Yellow Jade Mala



Yellow Jade Sri Chakra



Green Jade Siva Linga



Amma's Silver Padukas



Green Aventurine Ganesha



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