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Chidambaram 2016 Temple Tour

Chidambaram Temple Tour Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2016


Immerse yourself in the blissful vibrations and powerful Shakti (energy) of one of India’s most powerful temples. Join Amma for a spiritual pilgrimage to the ancient Shiva Temple of Chidambaram that promises to take us to profound places and lead us to the divinity within our own hearts.

Chakra Meditation Retreats


Join Amma December 5–23, 2016, for a special time in the sacred land of Penusila Forest Ashram in Andhra Pradesh. Energized by the divine vibrations of all of the great rishis and sages that have meditated here.

Grand Inauguration of the Srinivas Saligrama Temple


This coming February 12–16, 2017 Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi will be performing the Maha Kumbhabhishekam, or consecration and inauguration, of the first and only temple in the world to enshrine thousands of divine Saligrama stones.

Ayurveda Retreat: – Dec 24–30, 2016


Experience the ancient treasure of Ayurveda as you learn first-hand from Amma in this informative and practical retreat. Sign up today, spaces are limited!

Seva/Volunteer Opportunities


Interested in volunteering for seva? We are currently looking for people to help assist with many of Amma’s world projects.

Sri Karunamayi

~ Mother of Compassion ~

Amma Sri Karunamayi is revered across the globe as an embodiment of Divine Motherly Love, due to the compassion and affection that she showers liberally on all people, animals, and even plants, the spiritual knowledge & guidance that she gives freely to all, and the charitable works that she has undertaken.

“Amma,” or Mother, as she is affectionately called by her followers, is internationally revered as a living saint, humanitarian, peace leader & spiritual teacher of a global scale. Uniting science & spirituality, Amma is widely sought after and speaks in venues across the world, sharing her visionary message of global unity, sustainability in the new millennium, & higher spiritual awareness.

Amma often likes to say that her only work in this world is to remove the suffering from the hearts of her children. This she does through her kind, loving words of spiritual guidance and encouragement, her healing touch, and her divine knowledge and insight. Today, Amma divides her time between the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and India, fulfilling her life’s mission of providing comfort, solace, and spiritual guidance to all who come to her.

Amma Speaks About Women

Watch Amma’s talk on women and the need for the upcoming Lalita Sahasranama Maha Maha Yajnam, a 10-day prayer ceremony for world peace and women’s empowerment being conducted in 2016 at the SRIM Center, near Atlanta, GA.





Amma’s International Charities

Amma Sri Karunamayi has been traveling the globe for over 20 years, selflessly dedicating Her time to relieve the pain and suffering of all — regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender or nationality.  Her universal love for all humankind has inspired countless people to join Her mission of global unity and has resulted in the formation of Amma’s non-for-profit humanitarian organization the SMVA Trust®.  Together with Amma’s volunteer initiative programs called Karunaseva® (Compassionate Service), these 2 organizations under Amma’s loving guidance, are empowering people around the world to have a brighter future.

SMVA Trust® Initiatives

Honorary Awards Issued to Her Holiness

Golden Eagle Award

Woman of the Year

Golden Swan Award

Former President Jimmy Carter’s Recognition

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