Amma’s visit to Fairfield

13 to 15 June 2005

Brighter Than a Million Suns

During the discourse in Fairfield, Amma held her hand over her heart and said to the crowd of attentive seekers, “Inside each one of us is light that is brighter than a million suns.   That is the unimaginable power” that each person has to realize and live in this life.   “It is a very special boon to be given a human birth,” to be able to follow the spiritual life and seek the Divine.  


All of us could feel the quietness and grace settling inside us, and the gentle tapping of Mother's loving hand waking us from any hint of sleepiness that may have crept into our lives.   She enlivened sadhana beyond our normal daily meditations.   “Silence is meditation; Self-inquiry is meditation; listening to the words of the holy people is meditation.”


We knew intuitively she embodied what she spoke.   Amma's words resonated love and wisdom like mantras , transforming us within, without our having to do anything.   That is the gift that Amma blessed all of us with on her three days in Fairfield.


The power of her attention was evident even before she arrived in Fairfield.   One volunteer, who was preparing signs and garlands for the event, felt the significance of who she was doing this work for, and was drawn to offer all as a prayer.   She could feel herself and her home purifying.   “It was very humbling.”   Later, after Amma arrived, during the Ganesha Homa, as waves of energy lifted through this volunteer's body, she felt Ganesha blessing her.   Amma chanted a special prayer for Lord Ganesha, looked directly at her and smiled, that knowing smile of the Mother that slips silently under the crowd of people, and finds its personal home right in the center of your heart.  


Even this volunteer's ten-year-old twin granddaughters appreciated the “magic.”   Mesmerized like so many others in the crowd, they could feel Amma looking right at them and smiling.   “Grandma, can Amma read minds?”  


They were not alone in their wonder.   When asked about seeing Amma for the first time, a woman lit up with a huge smile, “It was wonderful.   I'm in love.”


For those who have seen Amma each year she has visited Fairfield, the power of her soothing grace and love keep getting more astounding, particularly during these times in the world, when as Amma says, “there is so much commotion.”   All relaxed so fully in her attention.   Like the story of Kalki, coming at the end of Kali Yuga to help a troubled Earth, on blessing day, Amma lead us on a peace march to the accompaniment of a white horse provided by one of the devotees.   As we walked along the country road bordering the hall, the sounds of squealing hogs being brought to auction quieted with each step.   By the end of the march, there was only the muffle of hooves and footsteps, and the graceful flow of silence.   A large crowd of people quietly waited their turn to share their personal lives with Mother.   In the evening, when we had returned to our homes to rest for the homa next day, Amma blessed even the white horse with a ride.   And Swami joined in the chance to relax, “like John Wayne” riding into the sunset.


By the time Amma arrived for the homa at Devaloka, known as “Tom's Barn,”

she had personally showered each devotee with such love that we were radiating with energy.   We chanted and meditated around the havan kund inside the old wooden barn.    And the blessings from Mother continued to overflow.   Along with the shakti generated by the purity from the homa , and the protection of the agni raksha Amma placed over our ajna chakra , kumkum that she manifested from Her feet during the car ride to the homa , was distributed in tiny foil packets.   We guarded them like precious lockets, shining in our speechless amazement under the simplicity and naturalness flowing through the summer air.    And Amma moved on, our last image of her (at an Iowa farm) sitting on a wooden tree swing, gently rocking back and forth with the delight of a small girl, smiling brighter than a million suns.

Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

Om shanti shanti shantihi

Jai Karunamayi!

Submitted by : Fairfield devotees






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